I have come to grips with the fact my kids will never understand or get to do anything on this list unless I make them or there is a catastrophic apocalypse that leaves the world technologically primative
  1. The subtle art of remembering 20 phone numbers (including area codes) off the top of your head
    Yeah, I'm not going to make my kids do this only because I can't remember phone numbers anymore. Although I STILL remember my parents home phone number by heart.
  2. Having a CD or tape collection
    It was always nice to have a physical account of what my allowance was spent on
  3. Having to watch commercials
    It's almost like a treat now for them to watch ads on tv.
  4. Actually dialing a phone number
    If I'm being honest I'm glad I don't have to do this one anymore
  5. Writing a check
    Checks are still around but I'm pretty sure they will be obsolete by the time my kids get their first bank account
  6. Waiting for the TV guide to start over
    To wait for the TV guide was annoying but it taught me to be patient
  7. Recording a song off the radio
    It was a true act of love to make a mixed tape from songs off the radio
  8. Folding a map
    I'm totally going to make them learn this skill, you never know when folding paper accordion style will come in handy
  9. These are just a few things I can think of for now