With no expectations here. I'm a developer, I know that adding or changing new features is more of a pain in the ass than "small thing" would imply.
  1. Trying to connect my Facebook account during signup just said "Please visit Phone Settings:Facebook to give The List App permission to access your Facebook account."
    This is probably my own fault but I couldn't figure out where in the Facebook settings I should go. I think I've connected other Facebook apps before but I'm not sure anymore.
  2. When I finish typing a new item there's no "Next" button on the keyboard unless I hit the "123" key in the lower left.
    This caused a bit of confusion because I hit the Next button on the top right and that actually finishes the list, not the item.
  3. The line height in the main feed is pretty large and looks a bit unusual (like double spaced) when the individual list items are single words or single lines.
    The home feed feels like it has a lot of whitespace, way more than the view of a single list.
  4. Would be cool to be able to star individual items on a list! Maybe it could let you do something like show the most popular items and then show the list second.
  5. Getting immediate feedback (likes, comments) is so good.
  6. The push notifications I got just said "X liked your list" without any indication of which list got liked.
    Same goes for the trending push notifications. Had to swipe back into the app in order to see which one it was.
  7. It's so much easier to write stuff in response to a prompt than it is to come up with things to say on a blank sheet.
    Doubly so if you don't even have to write complete sentences.
  8. It's really nice when the app has a naturally built in feedback mechanism.
  9. Scrolling up and down a list that I'm writing feels like it lags a noticeable amount. As in, I'm noticing some lag when scrolling up and down as I'm writing this item, especially once the scroll hits the bottom.