1. BOOKS:
  2. Anything by C. S. Lewis
  3. Harry Potter of course
  4. The Hobbit, makes u feel very good!!
  5. The Inheritance Cycle. Rivals the feels of Harry Potter.
  7. Battle For Middle Earth, first LOTR computer game
  8. Return Of The King on PS2
  9. Tolkien anything
  10. FOOD:
  11. penne alla checha
  12. Nigiri. Most enjoyably paired along side a Kirin Ichiban
  13. Saigon Deli in Tampa, although any Vietnamese place will do the trick
  14. MISC:
  15. Best friends
  16. Skateboarding. It's really fun and gets u sweating!!
  17. Wearing your favorite clothes
  18. Listening to S&G
  19. Dogs & animals
  20. The Darjeeling Limited
  21. Cold sheets
  22. Tampa's Bro Bowl, may she rest in peace.
  23. The Chariot
  24. Florida camping
  25. Cafe con leche and Cuban bread from the kitchen of Dulce Alfonso
  26. Dulce Alfonso