An invention of my daughter Grace
  1. Get a fat cucumber (peel or not) an avocado and a skinny knife
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  2. Cut the ends off the cucumber
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  3. Start carving the middle seedy part off the cucumber
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  4. Until it is a hollow cilinder
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  5. Cut the avocado in half
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  6. Then each half in smaller wedges
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  7. Peel the wedges
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  8. Stuff the wedges into the hollow cucumber and press down until completely stuffed
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  9. Stuff it really tight
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  10. Then cut as a sushi roll
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  11. Until all cut
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  12. Display on plate or cutting board
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  13. A little sea salt
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  14. A splash of Braggs Aminos
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  15. And serve
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  16. And be careful, they are addictive...