1. Glowing skin
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  2. Brighter, whiter eyes
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  3. Weight loss
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  4. Even mood
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  5. More energy
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  6. Better, deeper sleep
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  7. Hair gets shiny and stops falling
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  8. Skin gets tighter
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  9. Menstrual discomfort improves or disappears
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  10. Many women that could not get pregnant end up preggers after it
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  11. People start having dreams ( nightmares sometimes at start that then turn to dreaming)
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  12. Bad breath disappears
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  13. Clear mind
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  14. More patience
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  15. Deeper meditations
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  16. Most people never go back to all their previous bad habits
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  17. I am not exaggerating, not trying to sell anything other than the inspiration for people to get truly healthy. ( my family in the photo)
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