True story
  1. I was given tickets to the premier of 7 years in tibet
  2. After the movie everyone was walking to Le Colonial for a party ( i think the restaurant closed in LA )
  3. I followed but was stopped at door ( no invitation)
  4. Walked around the back and sneaked in through the kitchen backdoor, walked through the kitchen
  5. Once inside also sneaked up to the VIP ( second floor )
  6. Sat down and looked around
  7. Suddenly someone was chocking, turned blue and fell to floor
  8. I jumped to him and tried heimlich twice(no results)
  9. The third was so hard I got the piece of beef flying, and broke one of his ribs. The chunk of beef landed on Larry King's table
  10. Saved his life
  11. Ambulance arrived, took him to hospital
  12. Brad came to thank me and shake my hand
  13. "Where did you learn how to do that?' He asked
  14. We were interrupted and I never told him I was a cardiologist
  15. The guy i saved was Brad's lawyer's boyfriend
  16. 5 years later I was working at a clinic in NY and was asked to go see Brad at a movie set in the Bronx (Burn after Reading)
  17. The moment I opened the door to his trailer he looked at me and said: "So you are a real doctor ? How come you didn't tell me ?" We laughed. He thanked me again and told me the guy was still alive and doing great