1. Rudolph Steiner was asked "what would you do to stop wars in the world" ?. He took a long time to answer and when he did, he came up with the Waldorf system of education as the solution to create a peaceful world.
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  2. No praising the kids all the time. It is such a common thing today that parents praise their kids for anything and everything. As a results kids end up doing things for the praise And not for the love of doing them. http://bit.ly/1aGnpQd
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  3. Act as parents, not as entertainment. When I was growing up my parents did their thing and we just tagged along. If we got bored, we just had to deal with it. These days parents make sure their kids are never bored and are always entertaining them. They don't learn to just be w themselves
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  4. Kids like to be where adults are. We have a corner in our living room dedicated to them, not a separate playroom. This way, adults and kids con coexist while each does their thing
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  5. Give kids attention without too much chatter. Many parents talk to their kids ALL the time. They fill all the silent spaces with chatter. It is great to just be with them while observing in silence.
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  6. No media until they are 7 years old. It pollutes their magical imaginary world.
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  7. No plastic toys. At home all their toys are wooden. It has a more earthly feeling and they are not so sophisticated. It makes kids develop their imagination.
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  8. If you want to learn more about Waldorf education, this is a great starting book : STRESS FREE PARENTING IN 12 steps. By Christiane Kutik
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