Due to a lot of loss in my extended family, I have been experiencing lots of feels. Not always the good ones. Thanksgiving always brings up memories, but they feel good to remember.
  1. Grandma's Apple Sauce when her and Pap would come visit.
  2. Going to church and holding Pap's hand even though the priest scared the snot out of me.
  3. Calling my Aunts and Uncles to wish them Happy Thanksgiving
  4. Being called by my first and middle names all the time by my Aunts.
  5. The dancing in the kitchen
  6. Tomato sandwiches with rootbeer or Pepsi
  7. The sandwiches at 6:30 with everything but the mashed potatoes on there.
  8. The smell of the BBQ heating up to cook the turkey.
  9. Sitting at my Pap's feet while he told my dad stories after dinner.
  10. The feel of his stubbly cheek when I'd kiss him goodnight
  11. My Grandma's hands as she crocheted another blanket.