Dating Red Flags as told by Trump GIFS

#canteven (a work in progress) *honestly wrote this like 2 months ago when I thought this was still a joke, now I can't stand this stuff anymore but I wanted to share this forgotten box of wisdom with all of my 6 followers
  1. You could fit a small animal in their hair or they smell like one.
  2. When they talk it's just like me me me me me
    And "I will ignore whatever you just said and look at you like why are you interrupting the greatness of me telling you why I'm so great".
  3. They can't make you laugh hard and often
    Run away, run away!
  4. They brag about sexual assaulting someone, have been accused of domestic abuse and/ or are racist bigots
    Don't run, sprint
  5. They are "too" smooth
    I smell a playaaaaaa ovaaaa here
  6. Grammar snobs
  8. Are voting for Trump