Lots of pictures of doges by Ruth (updated)
  1. Mullet hair human.
    Ew. Whyz you do this human, Put that thing back where it came from or so help me-so help me!
  2. Dog with a magnificent array of flowing locks
    Mag-dog-ficent. Yes. I agree.
  3. Human exercise is sad
    Why do you cry human? Is it because you spent all of your money on a torture device instead of on dog bones for your loving best friend?
  4. So funky so fresh
    So simple human, just wiggle your way downtown, walking fast, sniff everything that you pass, and ur home bound (Bud da da da da da da)
  5. Very not fun human party
    So many of you in such a small room, you all dance so bad and are stinky. No and no.
  6. Fiesta del perritos
    Giphy downsized medium
    I regret nothing, also I want a hot dog outfit bc this party looks bomb af.
  7. Why
    Your opposable thumbs are going to waste.
  8. Dog minds own business
    Does not judge. But understands you are of lower species.
  9. Many small humans together=not fun
    Very smell, much loud.
  10. Perfect balls of fluffy cuteness and hugs
    All they do is love and make rainbows appear in the sky
  11. New plan
    Dogs rule world. Very good idea. Yes, I agree, yes.