This is a fucked up case. This happens all the time. How do we stop it from happening in the future?
  1. In case this wasn't clear, if someone is unconscious you call for help. You do not rape them.
  2. Alcohol does not rape people. People rape people. Alcohol is not an excuse.
  3. In a similar case a black man was sentenced for 14 years. White rich kid privilege is unacceptable.
  4. I don't fucking care if he was a swimmer or went to Stanford. That is independent of the fact that he sexually assaulted a woman.
    Also use use his mug shot like you would any other criminal not his Stanford photo.
  5. His dad called it "20 minutes of action". That is not an appropriate way to describe an event leading to 3 UNANIMOUS convictions of sexual assault
    Absolutely disgusting. Shows how his family does not have even the slightest bit of concern for the real victim in the case or how destructive the sexual assault is and will be to her and her family.
  6. Saying that you will one day talk to other students about alcohol and sexual promiscuity is not the same as talking to students about rape
    Instead maybe try something like talk about what constitutes rape, why alcohol and really nothing else is an excuse for rape, and why you are very sorry for what you did and the immeasurable pain you inflicted on the victim.
  7. How is it not clear that being drunk is not an excuse for sexual assault.
  8. It is disgusting that he does not recognize the gravity of the situation or at least that what he did was wrong. No excuses.
    Still can't believe in his statement he basically said this has sucked for me with no apology or ounce of sympathy for the person he assaulted.
  9. Importantly, this is a huge problem on college campuses. Often the actions taken, if any or if it is even reported, are abhorrent. Numerous women have said that their university officials have tried to shut them up essentially and did nothing. This absolutely needs to change. Awesome info on how to do that here:
  10. P.S. Please read her letter if you haven't and share it with everyone you know. It is one of the most powerful statements I have ever read.
  11. P.P.S. 1/5 women are sexually assaulted in college. It is the most under reported crime. If someone confides in you this happened to them please believe them, listen to them, and perhaps encourage them to seek support.