1. Budweiser
  2. Coca-Cola
    Sponsored the 7th Inning Stretch #delicious
  3. State Farm
  4. Big screen replays presented by Time Warner Cable -- also branded on any "call to the bullpen" (I see what you did there)
  5. Lexus
  6. Pirelli
    Presenting "This day in Dodger history" because of course they are
  7. Arco
  8. 76
  9. Security Benefit
    They sponsored the Dodger strikeouts and like everything
  10. Forest Lawn
    Yep, that's right. A cemetery!!
  11. Cedars-Sinai
    Official C-Section of the Dodgers?
  12. Hankook Tires
  13. LG
  14. Jack in the Box
    After a hit, the screens tell us to "Get Jack'd"
  15. Universal Studios Hollywood
  16. San Manuel Casino
  17. Southwest Airlines presents "Dodgers Doodles"
  18. Bank of America presents #MLBmemorybank
  19. #DodgersSocial presented by Topps Bunt 2015
  20. Montejo
  21. ThinkCure
  22. AM/PM
  23. Farmer John Sausage
  24. Ketel One Vodka: "Moderation in all things. Except RBIs."
  25. Mercedes-Benz
  26. Sunrun
  27. Merrill Lynch
  28. Nike... With the tag line "Fearless Acceleration"
  29. New Era
  30. Avita Water
    Don't thirst for me, Argentina....
  31. Fandango
  32. Nexen Performance Tires
  33. Double Plays presented by Jeopardy.
  34. New Balance
  35. Stub Hub
  36. United Healthcare
    The sponsored the walks.
  37. MasterCard
  38. Summoners War
    A mobile game that straight up as a typo in the title?
  39. Hite Beer
  40. Wheel of Fortune
  41. AC/DC's World Tour
  42. Stella Rosa