1. U still up? I am...
  2. Why gotz u 2 be liek dAt? (just doing research for an angry dyslexic tween character I'm writing)
  3. Remember the Alamo, bro.
  4. I luv u, boo 👻
  5. Ooh na na, what's your name again?
  6. Breaking Bad is eh.
  7. Bulgogi!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mom told me I was her favorite and made me swear on grandpa's grave never to tell you. I crossed my fingers, biatch.
  9. That money you owe me? Forgeddaboutit!
  10. What do you think Paul Walker's doing right now? (our old friend who moved after 8th grade, not the other one)
  11. We are two pieces of a two piece puzzle 😄
  12. I have cancer. You should answer me.
  13. Daddy issues much?
  14. Your dad's kinda racist, just sayin'
  15. I was the one who left the gate open when Spike ran away.
  16. Don't worry, my doctor said there's a 30% chance you won't get it.
  17. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell! And you ❤️
  18. You're the Yao to my Ming.