I spent (almost) a week in Iceland this September. It's dope. Everyone should go!
  1. Blue Lagoon
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    Everyone is right when they say you should go right from the airport. Smooths the transition nicely and you get to be lazy in a robe without feeling guilty you're wasting your vacation. The lamb at LAVA is amazing and it was better because I ate it in the robe.
  2. Reykjavik Roasters
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    I just loved reading on their website that the barista community in Reykjavik came together to make great coffee here. That community consisted of 7 people.
  3. Hallgrímskirkja
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    Cool shaped church and best view of Reykjavik from the top.
  4. Rainbow Road
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    Can't remember the name, but Reykjavik is pretty small so you'll find it. Felt like I was in a quaint real-life Candyland village.
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    All caps because I consider myself a hot dog connoisseur and I was constantly mispronouncing the name. Lamb dogs with onions, ketchup, dijon, fried onions, and remoulade. Bill Clinton ate an HD here once. Open late night 😉
  6. Lebowski Bar
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    A random homage to the Dude a million miles away. They have 40 different White Russians on the menu. This is my carefully staged IG shot
  7. Prikid
    Crowded and fun, lots of Scandinavian-looking kids grinding to old school hip hop. Nice blonde bartenders who will give you free shots of traditional Icelandic liquor or are possibly fucking with you. Basketball hoop outside in the back #ballislife
  8. Golden Circle
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    Too scared to rent a car, so did a bus tour and it was 👌🏼, besides an unscheduled stop at the Icelandic Power Plant that we were convinced was some kind of mandate/our tour guide got kickbacks. Fun fact: Beiber was here (Gullfoss) just THREE DAYS later to film "I'll Show You" vid http://vevo.ly/kaIE8d
  9. Additional note about bus tours
    We did Grey Line (booked through Extreme Iceland) and it DOES NOT depart from the downtown station. It's several kms outside of town and the pickup schedule is confusing or it was for us who considered the 9-930 window to be more of a suggestion. Luckily Grey Line reps were super accommodating of our American idiocy
  10. Gullfoss
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    Here's a selfie to convey the joy. Just the roar of the water and how close you are to the rush
  11. Geysir
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    Literally the OG geyser, how cool is that? Hard to get a photo since it doesn't happen at regular intervals (unlike Old Faithful) but once you're over taking a video, it's exciting to wait for the eruption
  12. Skalholt Church
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    Allegedly the seat of Icelandic bishops? Idk was pretty and we took cool pics
  13. Mar
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    Delicious little restaurant by the harbor. Amazing fried fish. This is whatever I got which was tasty too but I ate off Ans' fried fish plate
  14. Grillmarket (Grillmarkadurrin)
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    BEST FOOD EVER. I have a salmon thing and this is the best I've ever had. The sides, the sauces, the BREAD and butter (which is a big deal in Iceland) served here with lava salt. 💯💯💯
  15. More to come!