In no particular order after Mr. Elba
  1. Idris Elba
    YAS. Have his Sexiest Men Alive spread on my fridge. The only thing that would make me interested in James Bond. Also, is it E-dris or ID-ris? 😁 I'll need to know once we're married
  2. Lenny Kravitz
    S/o to my girl with the quick fingers in the front row
  3. Even without the dick pick...
    The piercings, the bracelets, the guy liner I AM INTO IT
  4. St. Elmo's Rob Lowe
    Even though he was a dead beat dad and screwed over poor wet blanket Wendy, when he played his 🎷... 💋
  5. Present-day Rob Lowe
    The man is ageless. And hilarious! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7hcA8wFKhYY also both of his autobiographies are must-reads
  6. Jason Momoa
    My sun and stars ✨ Clearly I need to be taking notes from Lisa Bonet
  7. Tim Riggins
    I realize this is Taylor Kitsch but I'm gonna need the "Texas Forever" accent
  8. Oscar Isaac
    I mean, the man is a dreamboat. And I fell in love with him with the Nick Wasicsko mustache so I know it's real
  9. Gabriel Macht
    I forgive him for Suits
  10. Ben McKenzie
    Ryan Atwood and beyond. The cop uniform on Southland was 💯
  11. Mark Ruffalo
    A national treasure
  12. Timothy Olyphant
    I may even dig him more with the salt and pepper
  13. Tim Daly
    Prob my first crush at age 10
  14. Now I'm a creep who has all these Google images saved on my phone
    I'm not deleting them 💁🏻
  15. Antonio Brown
    Best smile on earth