They make my 75 refreshes a day worth it
  1. #1 for pictures of celebs with dolphins and sexy Bill Clinton/Vladimir Putin collages
  2. @lavernecox
    Posts lots of pics of her on the red carpet which I sometimes embarrassingly comment things like "slay" or "yas queen"
  3. @dcdining
    Because, what, I'm supposed to do my own restaurant research?
  4. @female_trouble
    Lea Delaria's gf and has really cool retro fashion-y pics. Found during an Orange is the New Black insta-spiral
  5. @oliviapalermo
    Because I need a hair idol and her emoji game is always 💯
  6. @renecharlesnyc
    Adorable French bulldog pics with bitchy captions
  7. Loved her since she was Audrey on Dawson's Creek and Kim Kelly. Cougar Town was underrated. Her kids are really cute and her posts make me creepily feel like we're friends 👯
  8. @jaredleto
    Former hair idol. Mostly promo for his band but often just wonderfully weird
  9. @calliesbiscuits
    Biscuit place I tried to go to in Charleston once but it was closed. They put pimento cheese on their biscuits so need I say more