V intellectual
  1. Hello Kitty
    A few branded items I own: a toaster, my toothbrush, a plastic toy I keep on my desk at home, a "nerd" doll (HK with glasses) I keep on my desk at work
  2. Dark chocolate
    The amount I can consume in a single sitting is truly frightening. My favorites are TJ's non-pareils, anything from Godiva, Lindor truffles. Hershey's and Dove are trash
  3. Friends
    This is playing on a constant Netflix loop on my tv. I had this photo as a poster in my pre-teen bedroom. Reigning family champ of Friends Trivia board game
  4. Smoked salmon
    If I could eat an everything bagel with lox each and every day, I would. Someday I hope to live in a land where it isn't $7 per serving for the good stuff
    The Icelandic do it best: raw onions and ketchup on bottom, remoulade, Dijon and fried onions on top 💯
  6. Knowing the lyrics to songs
    Universally hated by friends/family/SO when sung aloud in the car