There's a phenomenon that happens with me and a few friends, where if a certain group of words one says sounds like it could be a cool band name, one of us shouts "BANDNAME!" I've been writing them down for a while, so here they are.
  1. The Lumpy Pillows
  2. Refined Trash
  3. Fancy Dance
  4. Droog Boobs
  5. Cat Dentist
  6. Old Man Tickle Fight
    I like this one a lot, because it could mean that there's just two old men tickle fighting, or it could be a title, like, "Don't go up on that hill, Jimmy, that's where Old Man Tickle Fight lives. He'll tickle your armpits off!"
  7. Petticoat Heroes
  8. Wonky Staircase
  9. Cuddledrugs
    Aka MDMA? Just sayin'.
  10. Viva la Veev
  11. Liquor Store Glory
  12. Muppets of Metal