As The List App grows more features and content will be added until it is mainstream and hated.
  1. Ads (not excluding native advertising)
    They'll start out as innocent suggested posts, which you won't mind. It'll get worse though, it always does. The holocaust started as just a few harmless jokes, they say.
  2. Joke Machines
    Unoriginal and or recycled jokes that dudes with a crappy sense of humor and girls that "just want to be one of the guys" enjoy.
  3. Joke Thieves and the Righteous That Call Them Out
    The Internet is full of joke thieves. This list has probably already been compiled. But there will be one large outrage when a thief starts being given things they don't earn.
  4. Your Mom
    You won't mind setting her up with the app thinking it is something she'll enjoy, until she over steps her boundaries and favorites your friend's list. "Dude your mom like the list I created about college dining hall food, did she go to UVM too?"
  5. Porn
    Quickly scrolling through lists: is that some skin I see?
  6. But They'll Get Rid of it, For Now.
    Perhaps they will take the Zuckerberg route and make sure this content doesn't end up on the app. Or, maybe they'll go Twitter on us and let you post fucking anything you want.
  7. Links to Porn
    Oh well, I'll just check this out for later, I've only been in the bathroom at work for 20 minutes, what's another 10?
  8. Your Favorite Snarky Comedian with Social Commentary
    We all know who they are.
  9. Your Favorite Social Media Profile We All Hate That's Egged on By the Comedian
    He won't stop doing it.
  10. Lists Your Mom Shares That She and Other Moms Think Are Cute But Silently Kill You on the Inside.
    Items include lists about: having kids, memes about wine, memes about hating their husbands (ha, that's you dad!), many more that will make you cringe.
  11. Everyone Else, and Now it's Time to Leave this App
    The general population you think you're smarter than. The same ones that share serious Donald Trump pages etc. You're probably not much better than they are though.