1. "How to get rid of yellowing on Super Nintendo console"
    You basically dip it into a vat of hydrogen peroxide and put it outside for three days. It works with all 90s-era plastics that yellow, actually.
  2. "Patrick Warburton"
    He's the guy with that voice, it turns out.
  3. "How to estimate power in Bayesian statistics"
    Trying to start a study and I'm sick of classical stats, dude. Back off.
  4. "Celebrities with Type 1 diabetes"
    It turns out Halle Berry /had/ type one and then she says 'I weened myself off insulin.' My girlfriend asserts, angrily, that she was just misdiagnosed.
  5. "Retron 5"
    It's a video game console that lets you play your NES, Sega Genesis, and SNES games all in the same console!