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  1. "So you're just chillin waiting for people to show up?"
    Boy is venting to me about the people he works with and how badly they screwed up scheduling.
  2. Bonus: "Is there enough rage in you to justify day drinking lmao"
    He's waiting at a bar, and I have impulse control issues.
  3. "But she was legit like "take Benadryl if u get too anxious" and I FUCKING HAD TO YESTERDAY and it just made me sleep and act drunk lmao"
    Telling Alexa about my psychiatry woes.
  4. "I had to change text tones bc it was scaring me too much"
    Responding to MD, who turned off sound notifications for texts and was apologizing for missing mine.
  1. Pokemon
    My 4th birthday present from my older cousin was a purple transparent Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Red. I'm still playing Pokemon to this day and can't wait for the newest games to come out next year.
  2. Super Mario World
    For the SNES. My younger cousins and I would watch the older cousins play for hours, and when we got old enough, we took over the controllers. I'm still pretty decent at platformers.
  3. Pokemon Crystal
    My favorite game to this day. The first time you could play as a girl in a Pokemon game. I'd never felt so elated to see that cute little sprite that was me! I was finally a girl in a video game! My little heart could barely take it. I still revisit it from time to time.
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PSA: Don't approach dogs you don't know/pet them without permission from their owners first. And please don't bother service dogs. They're working very important jobs! Also I'm not a dog expert, just a girl who loves dogs and has learned a thing or two about befriending them.
  1. Pet them below the shoulders (at first).
    It might be tempting to pet a dog immediately on the top of their head, but in case a dog is shy or nervous, try for the shoulders/chest first. The dog can see what you're doing and pats above their eyeline might translate as too dominate or threatening.
  2. Let them sniff you out.
    They're just trying to get to know you. Don't make sudden movements or just gently push them away (hands at their chest) if they get a little rowdy.
  3. Scratch them where they can't reach.
    The real trick to make any dog see you as an asset to their comfort rather than just another human-shaped dog. Try along the spine, around the neck where the collar can prevent them from scratching an itch, or even the belly if they let you. If their back legs start kicking, it means you've found that one spot that they've been dying to scratch. They will probably love you after this.
  4. If they're done with you, leave them alone.
    Dogs have personalities. Some are more into physical affection than others. Let them come to you. Otherwise, don't chase them around trying to force your love on them.
Spoilers alert.
  1. You will be okay.
    Most pain is temporary, and even if you find yourself buried underneath the weight of it, you will push and shove and break your way out because...
  2. You are powerful.
    Even though people will try to tell you otherwise - even though you will tell yourself otherwise - you are powerful and brave.
  3. You will have struggles.
    As you've probably guessed by now, your parents do end up getting divorced. But not until you're old enough to recognize that it's not your fault.
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  1. Loves dogs
    As my ideal s/o would be sharing a place with me and my five+ dogs, kind of a given.
  2. Good with children
    Shows patience, maturity, and the willingness to kneel to a child's level.
  3. Passionate
    Art? Writing? Helping others? Performing? I'm not picky. Someone passionate and driven about their craft.
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Looking back, I should've guessed I was bisexual a lot earlier.
  1. Kovu
    He's on everyone's list. Enough said.
  2. Raven
    Heavily influenced my life/style overall. Bae😭
  3. Beast
    My parents worried about my future taste in men.
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more mini poems
  1. tfw
    you're on skype with your mom, and you're feeling sad and helpless but just say you're tired, and she doesn't know that she's keeping you from ending it all just by being there.
  2. it's me
    do you ever look in the mirror and wish you could see someone different looking back at you? i, for one, look in the mirror to make sure that i'm still there. still there you say, yes still there, i'm afraid of disappearing, you see. i am much more afraid of looking in the mirror and not recognizing the wide, confused eyes that stare back at me. ...'has it ever happened before?' well, of course it has. don't you recognize me?
  3. dissociate
    go inside // run away // don't come any closer // go inside // get away // they can't reach you here // quick split up // we have to go // who are all of you // we have no time // come on get up // but first tell me your names // what'd i say // just leave her then // wait i'm coming too // take my hand // mine as well // is it too late // if so we're screwed // quick run away // there's no time left // but who's left at the helm // who cares // at least we're alive // but are we, really?
I'm definitely forgetting some.
  1. Al
    My first at the age of 20, just a tiny sip of soju with my Korean class at the end of the semester. This marked a fiery beginning to our relationship. Al made me feel confident, looser, less awkward, but sometimes made me feel absolutely horrible. Al and I are on-and-off friends now; we pretty much only get together for brunch.
  2. Sid
    Sid was meant to be just an experiment, just a one time thing, but he's turned into that boy who I turn to when I've truly hit rock bottom. Sid makes me feel nostalgic, a little bit too sad, a little bit cooler but mostly just dizzy. It's not hard to stay away from Sid.
  3. Klaus
    Stable, but boring. Since I met him, I didn't have as much panic about the future or the past, but it felt like something was missing. He would work so late that I always ended up falling asleep before he got back. Broke up after 9 months together.
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  1. Alex from OITNB
  2. Alex Trebek
    A little surprising.
  3. Abstract horse art animation
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i am a crazy dog lady okay. ps pls adopt if u can.
  1. effy
    great pyrenees or samoyed. a gentle giant. well-trained mama. best guard dog and snuggle buddy.
  2. luka
    loud boy who takes a while to get used to his new, larger size as he grows up. active, sweet, silly.
  3. blue, aka bb
    adorable little girl, stubborn, perpetual baby. loves food. questionable loyalty but that's beagles for ya.
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