Cartoon Characters That Awakened My Sexuality

Looking back, I should've guessed I was bisexual a lot earlier.
  1. Kovu
    He's on everyone's list. Enough said.
  2. Raven
    Heavily influenced my life/style overall. Bae😭
  3. Beast
    My parents worried about my future taste in men.
  4. Ariel
    Cute AF.
  5. Lady
    Goddang cute animated animals.
  6. Princess Mononoke
    Both scared and fascinated me. The first time I saw an animated female character with blood, interestingly enough.
  7. Howl
    The real MVP. Heartthrob central.
  8. Sokka
    Super funny AND got all the ladies.
  9. Azula
    What can I say? I've obviously got a thing for crazy chicks.
  10. Mina (Sailor Venus)
    Video games. White cat named Artemis. Feminine yet goofy, silent leader, also probably bisexual and Usagi's actual twin.
  11. Trunks
    Stern, from the future, has the hair I want.
  12. Yusuke
    OG babe.
  13. Megara
  14. Robin
    What can I say. He had a certain confidence about him.
  15. Blackfire
    Do you sense a pattern?
  16. Slade
    Doesn't get much hotter than an older, mysterious, morally bankrupt villain with a sadistic streak.