future dogs that i will one day have

i am a crazy dog lady okay. ps pls adopt if u can.
  1. effy
    great pyrenees or samoyed. a gentle giant. well-trained mama. best guard dog and snuggle buddy.
  2. luka
    loud boy who takes a while to get used to his new, larger size as he grows up. active, sweet, silly.
  3. blue, aka bb
    adorable little girl, stubborn, perpetual baby. loves food. questionable loyalty but that's beagles for ya.
  4. prince or berlioz
    spoiled boy. very quiet and cautious. prefers to play alone or with smaller dogs, but grows up with luka and effy so no in-house fighting.
  5. penny
    the wild card. the real guard dog at effy's ankles, ready to fuck some shit up. loyal to herself and her best friend blue bc honestly they'd both get into some trouble together.