My Ideal Significant Other

  1. Loves dogs
    As my ideal s/o would be sharing a place with me and my five+ dogs, kind of a given.
  2. Good with children
    Shows patience, maturity, and the willingness to kneel to a child's level.
  3. Passionate
    Art? Writing? Helping others? Performing? I'm not picky. Someone passionate and driven about their craft.
  4. Respectful
    Of me, of others, but especially of elderly people, servers at restaurants, women, etc.
  5. Humility
    Aka not a selfish asshole.
  6. Open to getting high once in a while
    But not too much, bc I have poor impulse control.
  7. Does not have yellow fever
    Just no.
  8. Video games
    Pokemon to Dark Souls, let's play.
  9. Not a serial killer
    Not even the Dexter kind. Sorry?
  10. Hot AF
    Physical attraction is important to me. End of story.