Requested by Alexa


  1. Hugs
    Fun fact: Alexa and I are best huggers so when we hug the world explodes a little bit but in a good, magical way.
  2. How supportive and affirming she is
    Just like... ugh! Positivity!!
  3. Hearing her go off on a bitch
    So satisfying. Took the words right outta my mouth.
  4. Mom
    She's a cool mom.
  5. I'm her mom too
    PS: I'm also a cool mom.
  6. We're both a little crazy
    And that's okay!
  7. Smoking together
    Out of all the weed/smoking related gifs, none could ever beat Leo.
  8. No but seriously
    I miss my high bb
  9. Seeing her with second skin
  10. Pizza delivery night
  11. Being incredibly gorgeous together
    Hot best friends- don't be too jealous of us~
  12. Idk this just seemed to sum up our interactions pretty well
  13. She lets my freak flag fly, doesn't judge, and encourages me to do things I would otherwise be too cautious to do
  14. Talking about boys
  15. Also talking about boys.
  16. (But actually)
  17. Everything tbh
  18. Come home already pls