I was a Nintendo kid.
  1. Pokemon
    My 4th birthday present from my older cousin was a purple transparent Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Red. I'm still playing Pokemon to this day and can't wait for the newest games to come out next year.
  2. Super Mario World
    For the SNES. My younger cousins and I would watch the older cousins play for hours, and when we got old enough, we took over the controllers. I'm still pretty decent at platformers.
  3. Pokemon Crystal
    My favorite game to this day. The first time you could play as a girl in a Pokemon game. I'd never felt so elated to see that cute little sprite that was me! I was finally a girl in a video game! My little heart could barely take it. I still revisit it from time to time.
  4. Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Time
    My first foray into the world of Link. Looking back, I'm impressed that I got so far at such a young age. I had a crush on pretty much everyone in that game.
  5. Tomb Raider
    Never got to play myself, but watching my older cousins play as a female protagonist who kicked butt? Weirdly satisfying. It felt like I was the one who should've been playing.
  6. Top Gear
    Also on the SNES. I got so good that my older cousins eventually refused to play against me. I was 6.