Listed below is a small glimpse of the city where my upbringing is firmly rooted and still is to this day. I am grateful in every way. What brought me to this part of town...? Tacos of course.
  1. This is the taco stand that my family and I have been coming to since I can remember. It's a family tradition, whenever we crave...
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  2. ...Tacos de Birria. They are the best. I always make sure to eat these along with a bottle of Coca Cola.
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  3. In the seating area, it's painted with multiple murals showing Mexican culture. This was one of them.
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  4. We went over next door to visit the local market, that is more old-school with all types of independent shops and small eateries
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  5. Piñatas, were never a tradition for birthdays in my family, unfortunately 😢
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  6. Let me take you through the candy shop (Dulceria)
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  7. Outside/Front
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  8. Tostitos for wholesale, Never eaten plain, Tostilocos FTW
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  9. Spices
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  10. Interesting pieces
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  11. Found a Vespa there
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  12. Keeping watch...
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  13. Especially this fella
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  14. On our way back to San Diego
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