Note to self.
  1. Malala Yousafzai
    I have never felt smaller.
  2. Bianca Jagger
    Mick Jagger's x-wife... Currently serving as a Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador. Quick hello in London.
  3. Pink
    When we were on the same record label, and she visited Norway. Really cool girl!
  4. Bono
    Well, I had lunch next to him in Abby Road studios in London, when I was mastering my first album. Maybe that doesn't count, but I'm probably the only one reading this anyway.
  5. @john Mayer
    3 times actually. Mad respect. I really wanted to take a portrait of him with my Leica, but never had the balls to ask.
  6. The King & Queen of Norway, and the rest of the royal family.
    Played a couple of songs for them at the princesses house in Oslo.
  7. Jamie Cullum
    Through my friend @tkristiansen . I remember listening a lot to his first record in high school. Great guy.
  8. James Morrison
    Backstage at a tv-show. Extremely talented, and really nice guy.
  9. Paolo Nutini
    Backstage at a show. Had a beer, and a laugh. Super interesting fellow.
  10. Greg Gorman
    Legendary photographer. Got invited to his house in hollywood. He makes his own wine, which I got to taste, and we also enjoyed a great dinner, made by his private chef.
  11. Steve McCurry
    Legendary photographer, most known for "the afghan girl". Actually walked around in LA taking pictures with him. Surreal.
  12. Morten Harket
    A true Norwegian legend. The most firm handshake I ever got. Met him in the studio where we were both working.
  13. Robyn
    Gave her the award for something I can't even remember. I got a hug. She hugged me. I got a hug.
  14. Gavin DeGraw
    Sang with him on stage one time