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In no particular order, as fast as I could think of them, but I have to genuinely love them, which means I could watch them infinity+ times!
  1. 1.
    Flirting With Disaster
  2. 2.
    Eyes Wide Shut
  3. 3.
    Talented Mr. Ripley
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In order of how close I would probably be to them.
  1. Phoebe
    We are on the same wavelength.
  2. Chandler
    We would drink coffee and chain smoke together.
  3. Rachel
    I have a soft spot for rich Jewish girls.
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  1. Talk about the 90s.
  2. Do "mash ups"
  3. Argue about how to pronounce gif
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Alternative titles for George W. S. Trow's 1980 cultural polemic "Within the Context of No Context."
  1. Within the Context of No Salad
  2. Within the Context of No Shoes
  3. Within the Context of No Hoverboards
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  1. THE LACY PROJECT (2006): Lacy, Charlotte, Giselle, Olivia, Harriet
  2. THE SACRIFICES (2009): Justin, Maddie, Mom, Dad
  3. PLUCKER (2010): Alexis, Louis, Lee, Thomasina, Julian
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  1. Orange crayon
  2. Kit Kat girl in Cabaret
  3. "Dead Child" in Six Characters in Search of an Author
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