It's been a good year.
  1. This view
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  2. And this view
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  3. Roast Pork Sandwiches
    WHY DON'T MORE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THESE? So much better than cheesesteaks.
  4. The subway is never crowded
  5. SEPTA Tokens
    Just kidding
  6. These cheesesteaks 👇🏼
  7. Getting a donut to go with my fried chicken
  8. Philly accents
  9. The cult-like Sixers following
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    #TrustTheProcess forever. See you guys at the parade.
  10. VILLA & UBIQ
    So much 👟🔥
  11. Not getting to see Joel Embiid wreck the NBA in-person every night next season
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  12. My go-to coffee shop
  13. Gene, the haircut gawd
  14. The Italian Market
  15. Tony Wroten's shoe game
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    Best in the league
  16. The brunch spot
  17. This
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  18. Pretty much everything here 👇🏼
  19. The soup dumplings
  20. Wasting half my work day in Photoshop
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  21. The people, of course