1. Beets
  2. M&M's
  3. Scranton Hot Dogs from Scranton
  4. Gabbagool
    If they give you only gabba, send it back.
  5. Grape Soda
  6. Peach Soda
    You're gonna hate it.
  7. Angela's Famous Brownies
  8. Alfredo's Pizza
  9. Pizza by Alfredo
    If ordered, may cause an argument
  10. Bologna, tomato, and ketchup subs
    Or just have the bread, it's fresh baked!
  11. Soft Pretzels with a variety of toppings
    Will only be served once a year.
  12. Birthday Cake
  13. Cheesy Pita
  14. Jello
    Must have office supplies in it
  15. Mixed berry yogurt
  16. Lemõnade
  17. Ice Cream Sandwiches