Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

  1. This filter makes me feel pretty, sue me
    I never post selfies anywhere so this feels weird
  2. Geriatric Jeremy
    This frightens me to my very soul, but also makes me giggle I wonder what that says about me
  3. My hickey-esque burn mark
    This was a part of a series of photos illustrating my various burn marks from my curling iron/oven. I have chosen to spare everyone the full collection
  4. I'm at the doctor and I'm worried my feet smell from wearing flats all day
    Let me send this photo to a friend to get her opinion on this sink and whether or not it is conducive to a successful foot washing before the doctor comes in
    I did an extra because I couldn't help myself and despite the chipped polish I am incredibly proud of this nail as a former nail biter