I blame it on reading things beyond my reading level at a young age
  1. Lingerie
    Had no idea this was French when I was 6 and asked my mom what "linger-y" was
  2. Vehicle
    Until 8th grade I added a D to this (veed-icle) for a reason I, to this day, still cannot figure out
  3. Vehemently
    And I really love this one and any word that I feel is especially passionate
  4. Laundromat
    Apparently I still say this "laundry-mat" which bothers my cousin/roommate
  5. Naïveté
    Not so much that I mispronounced this and more that every time I read it I had no idea that it corresponded to the same word that I knew how to pronounce, but never had the need to spell
  6. Siobhan
    I feel like this doesn't need an explanation