1. Should I try to make babka right now
    Isn't the answer always yes
  2. How can I practice more Jewish rituals
  3. Does that question make me a Baal tshuva
    (That translates to the "owner/husband" of repentance???")
  4. Ugh, why is Hebrew so gendered
  5. Does this matter if I don't believe in God?
  6. But babka rn???
  7. Should I try going to the Reconstructionist Shabbat services in Silver Spring?
    Maryland is just so far.
  8. But what if I actually don't want to pray?
    I already know I don't. WHAT DO I WANT???
  9. Why am I so antisemitic sometimes? What does that say about me / the world???
  10. Should I make babka or what
    I have the recipe from "Jerusalem" open on my dining room table for crying out loud
  11. Why doesn't anyone in my family know Yiddish??
    I know the answer. After 3 generations of living in America, you tend to assimilate.
  12. Why is Philip Roth so spot-on about Ashkenazi Jewish assimilation to pursue the white American Dream in the 1930s in "the plot against America"
    Which is why I basically love every book he's written...
  13. Why is Philip Roth such a mosogynist
    I basically hate every book he's written.
  14. What does it even mean to be or feel or act Jewish honestly
    I know, I know, there's no right answer. Shut up.