I like to say I have become a gym junkie. By junkie I mean I still hate going but I like being able to say I go to the gym.
  1. Okay, here we go.
    We have successfully made it to the gym. I am so proud. Wow, we're gonna have a good workout today. Right after I get out of the car and stop staring at my phone in the parking lot.
  2. Oh god I forgot to pick a workout on Pinterest before I came.
    Oh no. Now I'm gonna have to stand here on my phone while I look for a workout. I hope no one judges me. I promise I came to workout, not to stand by a machine and use my phone.
  3. Now to pick some badass music.
    Got my workout ready, let's find some music to really get going. Hmm what's a good song to listen to. No Taylor Swift.. Or One Direction.. No Drake for sure, I don't want to cry at the gym thinking of non-existent ex's (this goes for Adele too.) Let's just click shuffle... I can workout to the Jonas Brothers, I'm feeling it.
  4. Let's get this workout started.
    3 sets of 10 reps on each machine and I'll have those Michelle Obama arms in no time. Alright okay this isn't so bad. I can do this. Okay alright maybe not. This is getting tough. Too tough. Who the hell does this for fun. Whoever said exercise makes you happy was wrong. This is actual hell. Someone send help
  5. Act cool.
    You know what, you may be dying on the inside but I bet you look badass on the outside. Let's check out your form on these giant mirrors. Oh god, that was a bad idea. Do I really make those faces when I workout. I look like I'm giving birth. Okay maybe we won't look at ourselves from now on.
  6. Is that free wifi??
    Did my gym finally bless us with access to free wifi?? Can this be true? This opens up so many possibilities. I can watch Netflix on the treadmill! I can send snapchats to everyone I know about being at the gym without killing my data. Wow, what a time to be alive.
  7. Am I making those grunting noises?
    Why does it sound like someone is getting stabbed? Oh it's just that sweaty buff dude lifting like 5 plates. Never mind everyone, false alarm. No stabbing happening here. Back to your workouts.
  8. My limbs are going to fall off.
    My arms feel like noodles. My legs may collapse under me but god damn will I look good if I keep this up 😎
  9. Successfully survived another day at the gym.
    Good job you, you survived. We fought through the urge to quit and we made it to the end. Just think of the calories you burned and the many ways you eat them back in no time.