in order from best to least (will be updated)
  1. getting to see and talk to seth meyers at his show in early december
    he's my favorite person in the world, so this meant everything to me and here's a snap i sent to my friends :)
  2. going to san francisco, yosemite, and los angeles/disneyland
    california is such a pretty place. it was so cool to travel there and see it in person. probably one of my favorite trips yet
  3. making friends who love and support me
    there's nothing like the friends i have now. i love them.
  4. getting rid of a toxic friend
    she lied and made me feel like shit. i'm so much better off without her.
  5. getting into tv shows
    tv shows have become such an escape for me. literally nothing makes me happier than cozying up in my bed with my laptop and some food. before this year i really just thought of tv as a couple of funny jokes and a way to relax.
  6. seeing twenty one pilots live
    i'm not as into them as i was early in the year but being second row was everything to me
  7. this night. i couldn't even describe it. i was so happy, i don't even know why.
  8. meeting zachary levi !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i LOVED the show Chuck, it's probably what started my grand love for tv shows. also, he voiced flynn rider and having him talk to me was a literal dream come true