is there a full moon
  1. The heat in the apartment likes to turn on roughly once a day, despite the high temperatures being in the low 30s this week.
  2. During my Tuesday morning commute, my T driver asked us what stop we had just arrived at so she could radio for service. Since we were moving so slowly, half the city of Boston ended up on this one train. Later, there was a medical emergency in the second car and we stalled for 15 minutes. My 35-minute commute took a full hour.
  3. I left work with an hour and a half to my therapy appointment, thinking it would be plenty of time. I took one train and two wrong buses and showed up with 7 minutes to spare.
  4. Wednesday, a sewage pipe right above my new desk at work burst, causing a major leak and covering my desk, my stuff, and me, and yes it was disgusting.
  5. Thursday, after covering me in shit the day before, my company announce 4,000 corporate-wide layoffs. Yay.
  6. After working out with my personal trainer, I got so nauseous and dizzy that I was genuinely afraid I was going to puke in my Lyft ride home.
  7. My dad texted to say he needed a root canal because the French onion soup he ordered at Outback had a ceramic chip off the bowl in it and he cracked one tooth and chipped another on it. Outback paid for dinner and $3500 worth of dental work.