Thoughts I Have While I'm Sick

  1. Why
  2. Oh god why
  3. Not again
  4. I don't have time for this
  5. Do I have a fever
  6. Fuck, I have a fever
  7. Is it meningitis? Quick, can you turn your head? Yes? Okay good.
  8. I don't know why nobody ever thought to remove my tonsils when I was a child
  9. I just want to sleep
  10. Oh lord take me now
  11. I will never feel well again
  12. I'm a literal hypochondriac so I better google my symptoms
  13. Bad idea
  14. Should I call the doctor
  15. Better take my temperature again
  16. Remember when I used to be normal
  17. Remember what it felt like to be healthy, God that was awesome
  18. I want my mommy
  19. Someone come snuggle with me, I'll try not to breathe on you
  20. When can I get out of bed
  21. Help
  22. I will cut a bitch if I run out of tissues
  23. I really hate canned soup why is this happening to me