I'm a pansy about public transportation when it gets cold out, so I take a lot of Lyfts.
  1. One driver asked me if I liked going to clubs and I said, "I guess I've never really gone to a lot club, per se." And he said, "I could take you to one." It being midnight on a Saturday, I said, "No, I don't think tonight's a good time." And he said, "No, not tonight, I meant some other time."
  2. Driver: I just started with Lyft. Me: Recently? Driver: Today!
  3. A driver picked me up and didn't seem to understand I'd selected Lyft Line. He wanted to know why it was asking him to pick up another person. We sat in the Trader Joe's parking lot until he said, "If we wait here 18 more seconds, this other person will go away."
  4. The same driver kept saying, "Yes, Map," every time the GPS gave him verbal directions.
  5. A very old man picked me up, and, unprompted, said, "Other drivers are ugly." Then he turned on NPR and proceeded to wax poetic about Frida Kahlo until halfway through my ride when he finally asked, "Where are we going?"
  6. Driver: You going home? Me: Yep, I just got finished babysitting. Driver: You have babies?????!
  7. "Where's the road?"
  8. One driver told me and my boyfriend that he was on season 7 of Project Runway. We looked it up and couldn't find him.