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  1. Perfume
    I love walking around smelling like what my mood calls for. Light citrusy scents in the summer, warm vanilla smells in the winter and fruity juicy scents in the spring!
  2. Skincare
    (Serums, cleansers, toners etc.)
  3. Athletic wear
    Comfiest, most practical thing to wear
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  1. Jon Oliver
    Upbeat, quick, witting and so wonderfully dorky!
  2. Stephen Colbert
    Downright adorable with great one-liners. Do yourself a favor and watch his dnc and rnc skits(r.I.p. #thecolbertreport )
  3. Jordan Klepper from The Daily Show
    Tall, charming, funny, talks about relevant issues. Need I say more?
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  1. Banana + Cinnamon
    (In shakes, oatmeal, cream of wheat.. dare I say better than peanut butter and banana!)
  2. Walnuts + dark chocolate nibs
    (Healthy snack on deck motherfuckerr)
  3. Watermelon + Tajín
    (Goddamn delcious and downright refreshing in the summer)
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Indulgence is my forté
  1. Warm bubble baths with a glass of wine + hulu
  2. Stretching after a workout
  3. All things sugar and sweet
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  1. Summer day essentials
  2. Eating pizza drunk in the streets of Santa Monica
  3. Little boy Max mid-yawn
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