1. Episode 1
  2. Those glasses ... Those 1970's glasses. I'll never understand.
  3. "I'll give this a try.." Parenting is a little more of a commitment than a "try."
  4. As they show the chain of command of the law enforcement department... I'm thinking about what chain of commands I'm a part of, and what decisions go up it and over me that I disagree with but can't because I'm in the chain.
  5. As this woman is demonstrating a sexual motion - ma'am, the Court is going to need some verbal communication as the transcript will not reflect "you know...(as she motions)."
  6. What is that pink vertical stripped wallpaper in that interview room?
  7. Does that cartoon drawing look a lot like Santa? I've having flashbacks to The Santa Clause.
  8. Am l guilty of assuming people are responsible a second time around when they've been found responsible prior?
  9. Are we going to look back 30 years from now and laugh at our hair? What's wrong with my hair? NOTHING.
  10. Am I the only on that isn't bothered by cctv? I don't care if you can track me all day when I'm not doing anything I wouldn't want anyone to know about!
  11. Will this documentary disrupt the progress so many of us feel like sexual violence advocacy has made over the last few years?
  12. Maybe this correctional facility was the inspiration for the set on Walking Dead...
  13. Why am I so disturbed by the thought of bodily physical evidence sitting around in basements all around the country?? Yucky ..
  14. Systems keep those who have been convicted convicted.
  15. I can't imagine ending a relationship via post in prison ...
  16. Interesting how the family went to the media then to draw attention to this but the story wouldn't get picked up. Look at this case now.
  17. "Who's that?" "I don't know!"😂
  18. This lawyer and her purple valor jacket are giving me life!
  19. Small town living is so comforting because you feel safe - until you realize you're not part of the bubble.
  20. Episode 2
  21. Forgiveness is a powerful thing. Something we can all practice more!
  22. There are times I think the Candor trials from Divergent would be interesting ...
  23. What is this sheriff's video of them looking around his house!?? That is terrifying!
  24. Not being allowed in your own home on your property for 8 days for an investigation!?
  25. Episode 3
  26. Is it just me or does this music sound like game of thrones?
  27. "Poor people lose all of the time."
  28. How do we ensure that every individual who has been wrongly convicted the opportunity to win over the hearts and minds of America through the media?
  29. I'm fascinated by the "options" suspects or "non suspects" are given.
  30. Episode 4
  31. I really hope law enforcement didn't prey on that young man.
  32. Episode 5-9
  33. Episode 10
  34. "Inconsistent? What does that mean?"
  35. Well... I'm just not sure what to make of any of this.
  36. Did he do it? Maybe.
  37. Was there law enforcement foul play? Maybe.
  38. The prosecution SHOULD always be fighting upstream. That upstream is the presumption of innocence.
  39. Favorite character - the silver Fox News anchor.
  40. Whoa! I knew Ken Kratz was slimy!