Could be for kids or dogs. Doesn't matter.
  1. Sloane
    It just sounds rich.
  2. Blair
    As in Waldorf.
  3. Claire
    Because it rhymes with Blair.
  4. Edith
    Inspired by Big Edie/Little Edie.
  5. Tripler
    Only if they are a III.
  6. Eloise
    Of The Plaza fame.
  7. Madeline.
    French. Obviously.
  8. Madison
    A presidential derivative of Madeline. She can give a SOTU.
  9. Margot
    Tennebaum stylez.
  10. Zooey
    I'd name everyone after a member of the Glass family if I could.
  11. Oliver
    Barrett IV. Barrett as in the poet (no relation). Barrett as in the hall.
  12. James
  13. Logan
    The coolest boy name.
  14. Spencer
    But only for girls.
  15. Eliza
    Not after My Fair Lady. It's just nice.