1. Mrs Heuring's classroom
    many many times. I'm bad at math y'all
  2. Mr Nelson's classroom
    I forgot some stuff. One of the times it was because he made me take off my black eye makeup WHICH RUINED MY COSTUME. I think the other time was because I got a C on something. Oh and then there was that time he EXPOSED me to the classroom because one of the paragraphs in my times writing sucked. And then that time no one wanted to sit by me what the fuck was that where was Abdallah
  3. My room
    it's cuz I'm emo
  4. Principal's office
    I got suspended for 'bullying', 'harassment', and 'intimidation'
  5. Frau Klamer's room
    she took my phone :/
  6. Front room of the science center
    Mrs Doyle took my phone
  7. My car
    my dad was being an asshole
  8. Emily's car
    It was midnight and she wouldn't get me Taco Bell so I teared up A LITTLE BIT
  9. Several streets near my house
    post suspension