My classes are all really good and informative, and I love going to class when I wake up.
  1. 24.00 - Problems of Philosophy
    Fun class in general. Most arguments discussed are very mechanical, but the process of deriving and discussing refutations is good, and Prof. Caspar Hare is funny.
  2. 18.701 - Abstract Algebra
    I really missed math, and so this class is also pretty fun. It's getting to the point where I can no longer intuit what's happening, but the precision is refreshing. Artin is also a great lecturer, and I always learn things when I go to class. I also never had a firm understanding of abstract algebra or linear algebra, so it's a great class for me.
  3. 18.404/6.840 - Theory of Computation
    My favorite class this semester. The theory is all really powerful, and derived from cute and clever combinatorial ideas. Sipser gives stellar lectures where he emphasizes the intuition above semantics and minor details. The problem sets are really fun too.
  4. 6.867 - Grad Machine Learning
    This class is hard—definitely my hardest class. I think the problem is the lectures seem to mostly be symbol pushing without too much intuition, and the class tries to train too many skills. The recitations are really good since we go over problems. But, the homework involves writing academic style papers, which honestly doesn't test the comprehension in the class.