Inspired by @Alex. I follow so many golden retrievers, you guys. They just come up in my explore page and I can't help myself.
  1. wattson07
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  2. tilleythegolden
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  3. maeve_the_golden_retriever
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  4. goldenleia
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  5. jack_n_shelton
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  6. life_as_lila
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  7. kentucky_cali
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  8. campingwithdogs
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  9. goldenretrievers_
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  10. thecritterhaven
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  11. brinkleygolden_official
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  12. bentleygoldenbear
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  13. samsonthegolden
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  14. puppiesforall
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  15. dogsruleeverythingaroundme
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  16. theovincentthegolden
    49bac68f 1f01 4ffa 8f57 4a49c4ebd510
  17. instababby
    E5576261 80a7 4aec 8320 d5b11206ed01
  18. thegoldenaspen & thegoldensierra
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    These two come as a pair, and max happiness is to be gained by following both of them
  19. because there's two of them, here's another picture
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