I'm good at some kinds of lists. Those are not these kinds of lists.
  1. Food Logs (also Water Intake Logs)
    I suck at tracking my food. I am just so bad at it. This is not good for losing weight.
  2. Bucket Lists
    I wish I was the type of person who had an actual bucket list that was check-off-able. But I'm not. Maybe someday.
  3. To Read Lists
    There are so many books I want to read and I can never keep track of them all. Maybe if I had them written down I'd have a better idea of what to pick up next.
  4. Have Read Lists
    I should keep a log of all the books I have read so I can quantify that number on a regular basis. Somehow, I find this equally as challenging as tracking my food.
  5. Login/Password List
    I need one of these so I don't forget the password to every website and app I've ever signed into.
  6. Birthday List
    I'm terrible at remembering birthdays. But also I have Facebook to remind me, so maybe this one isn't a big deal.