I've never been a huge fan of Halloween—usually I changed my mind so many times that I just had to settle with the costume my mom had already started to make. She's a saint for that.
  1. a fluffy pink princess
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  2. a pink mouse
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    conspicuously not Minnie Mouse for some reason
  3. a gray mouse
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    I never realized until right this second that I was a mouse two years in a row
  4. Georgia Tech cheerleader
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    (both my parents went to GT) I couldn't decide on a costume and my cousin was also a cheerleader that year, so this happened
  5. a genie
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  6. a safari guide
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  7. Little Red Riding Hood
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    with braces
  8. Hermione
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    Before the movies came out and there actually was a Hermione costume. My mom made these robes and hand painted an incredible Gryffindor crest 💫
  9. Statue of Liberty
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    I saw this hat and felt like I needed it and this was the only way I could justify it to my mom
  10. a ghost
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    specifically a "Charlie Brown-style" ghost, just a sheet with two holes cut out for the eyes
  11. And rounding it out with another pink princess
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