Just the ones notable to me so far because there's too many for me to actually go through them all. Add your new faves!
  1. 🙃 upside down smiley
    he's just cute
  2. 🌮🌯 taco and burrito
    FINALLY (even though the burrito feels upside down and I keep thinking everything is going to fall out of it and what a sad burrito that would be)
  3. 🙄 eye roll emoji
    I've been waiting for this. I usually use 😒 but this is more specific
  4. 🦄 unicorn
  5. 🤗 jazz hands emoji
    I can only see this in a sarcastic sense. That being said, it'll probably get a good amount of use.
  6. 🕴 floating guy
    I don't understand him but I like him
  7. 🧀 cheese
  8. 🍾 popping champagne
    so useful in celebratory situations
  9. 🖼 picture in a frame
    example tweet: "Just visited the Louvre #monalisa 🖼"
  10. 🖍 crayon emoji
  11. 🕯 burning candle
    drippy wax for accuracy
  12. 🖖🏼🖕🏼🤘🏼✍🏼 new hand emojis
    the middle finger and star trek hand everyone's been waiting for (still no fingers crossed though)!!!
  13. 🛍 shopping bags
  14. 🦀 crab emoji
  15. 🦃 turkey emoji
    thank god because thanksgiving is coming up and I'm not sure I could have survived another year without at least a cornucopia or something