This is a hotly debated topic and I am usually the only one defending this side of the argument.
  1. Sweaters!!!
    Arguably the comfiest article of acceptable-to-wear-outside-of-your-home clothing
  2. Scarves
    A literal blanket you get to keep on all day
  3. Christmas
    or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or the Winter Solstice, but either way: holidays!!!
  4. Sparkles
    For some reason, glitter and sequins and other sparkly things are more acceptable in the colder months. I don't know why this is true but sparkles are the best so it's definitely a point in winter's favor
  5. My birthday
    Obviously this isn't true for everyone, but my bday is Dec 29 which means it's Christmas/my birthday/New Year's all really close and then it's one loooong year until I can celebrate again
  6. Snow
    So pretty
  7. Blankets
    I always have a blanket on but it's more justifiable in the wintertime
  8. Hot drinks
    Cider, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, etc. So good and the perfect amount of warmth to hold and keep your fingers toasty while also happily warming you from the inside (as opposed to just making you sweat because it's already so hot outside)
  9. No sweating
    Sweating is the worst
  10. Cuddling/snuggling more often
    Enjoyable with both humans and pets
  11. Finding the perfect gift for someone
    It feels like you're carrying around a really happy secret and you get to imagine their face when they open it and then you get to give it to them and see it for real!!!
  12. Intentionally spending time with loved ones
    Even if you see them every day, we're more purposeful with our time and affections during the holiday season
  13. Coats
    I freaking love coats, you guys. I would own a hundred coats if I could afford it. They're such a great piece of clothing.
  14. Heated seats in your car
    Gets those buns nice and toasty
  15. Electric blankets
    If you don't own one, I highly recommend you invest in one this year. So worth it.
  16. Fuzzy socks/wool socks
    You get to pretend you're Tom Cruise every time you enter a room or slide around the corner
  17. No humidity to make my hair frizzy
    Which means straightening and/or curling it isn't completely futile
  18. Boots
    A lot of these reasons are clothing items, but that's because there are a lot more exciting clothing options in winter! You don't have to wear shorts and a tank top every day because it's 90° outside
  19. Seeing your breath in the air
    It's just cool
  20. Dark lipsticks are more acceptable (and even encouraged!)
    Dark lipsticks in spring/summer just make you look like a miserable person :(
  21. Holiday movies
    OMG, you guys. I've seen every horrible holiday movie that exists. They're all the same and they're all the BEST.