I started watching The West Wing a couple weeks ago (and I'm only halfway through S2 so no spoilers) and it's great but it's a little frustrating that we're still making the same points on so many of the same topics. *This list will be updated as I continue watching
  1. Establishing a livable minimum wage
    Mentioned again, raising the minimum wage "so that work always pays more than welfare"
  2. Whether or not global warming is real
    Sam Seaborn says "As of today, it shall be the unequivocal position of the United States that global warming constitutes a clear and present danger to the health and well-being of this planet and its inhabitants." Unfortunately, some 17 years later, apparently not
  3. Gun control
    Literally how tf have we not figured this out already
  4. Legalizing/Decriminalizing marijuana
  5. Manspreading
    Kind of—Josh relaxes into his seat and spreads his legs and CJ shoves it out of her space when they're sitting next to each other. I think if CJ knew the word 'manspreading' she would have used it
  6. Burning black churches
  7. Validity of (and right to) late term abortions
  8. Tax returns from candidates
    They released Bartlet's to prove he was a valid candidate. Toby used to work for a guy who had to hold a press conference to answer questions about his.
  9. Alternate energy sources to oil
  10. Iranian + nuclear weapons
  11. Anti-immigrant legislation
  12. Potential peace talks with Cuba
  13. Border security
    Vinick wants to double the border patrol on the Mexican border to 'stop illegal immigration'